The Pledge of Allegiance of the United States


Mary Grace Cavallaro

Create a classroom discussion on patriotism, stimulate ideas from visuals, and  get students thinking and brainstorming ideas in English.

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Lesson plan


Level: intermediate/upper-inter/advanced learners
School: Italian Scientifico/Linguistico 3 or 4th year capable to have a classroom discussion

Lecture organisation:

Time: from 15 to 50 mins according to the liveliness of the conversation
Additional tools needed: Overhead projector, whiteboard

NB: Suggested structure:
Image: elicit information  from students on visual shown.
Context:  set cultural context/background
Reading: elicit meaning of difficult words from context and then explain in context. Social and historical information is crucial at this point ofLP. 

Text: to be read in class• Further readings: provide essential bibliography on the history of the pledge of allegiance and possibly history of the US flag (to be done as the following lesson).

stimulate ideas from visuals
get students thinking and brainstorming in English
create a classroom discussion on patriotism.

Download this file (The PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE OF THE UNITED STATES.doc)The Pledge of Allegiance of the United States_Cavallaro[Scarica la lezione in formato .doc]39 kB
Download this file (The Pledge of Allegiance.ppt)The Pledge of Allegiance of the United States_Cavallaro[Scarica le slides della lezione in formato .ppt]2046 kB

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