Oscar Wilde’s words of wisdom and wit (2)


Valentina Tenedini

Questo simpatico contributo presenta una bella raccolta di frasi famose del grande drammaturgo, poeta e romanziere Oscar Wilde. Il materiale si presta bene ad incuriosire gli studenti prima di un necessario approfondimento.


Introduction by Valentina Tenedini

The pictures and quotes in each slide have been chosen and grouped according to a theme of my choice (a selection of his work, his unconventional personality, his view on art, society, life etc…) with the aim of highlighting:

    his controversial/ influential personality
    his talent, wisdom and wit
    the impact and the inspiration he keeps having on modern culture.

Wilde, like all great authors, is multifaceted, and the web does provide an awful lot of material about him. Therefore the aim of my slideshow is to trigger the students’ curiosity and interest so they might wish to explore other areas of this author’s persona and hopefully make their own presentation then.

All to be taken with a pinch of salt, which Wilde, I am sure, would not mind.


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