How to read poetry


Valentina Tenedini

Questo contributo si propone come una sperimentazione multilinguistica (inglese, francese e italiana) su come affrontare la lettura di un testo poetico dal punto di vista del contenuto e delle componenti linguistiche..

TARGET: high school – third year students


    enhance independent poetry reading, by providing some key tools for text analysis and interpretation;
    enable a parallel between different languages and elicit a connection among multiple communicative codes.

DURATION: 2/3 modules

SCHOOLWORK: The activity can be lead and carried out as pair/group work, where the teachers

    show the poems – encourage class discussion -
    explain technical terms (theme, subject matter, denotation, connotation, tone) and let the students carry out the various steps of the task.
    Then the students complete the activity as homework and bring their conclusions and results (e.g. paraphrasis, or translation into English, photos, songs, quotes the poems can be associated with) to class.
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