Websites for CLIL Science

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The links below refer mainly to biology.

The Cells Alive! website is interactive, graphically appealing and a MUST teaching tool. It invites pupils' hands on participation both in class and as self-study. The graphics facilitate teaching in “co-presenza”. Brilliant! games/exercises on the human body. The living skeleton shows labelled and unlabelled x-rays of every bone in the body, with/without fractures and diseases. One clicks on the part of the body to examine. Similar to the above, but refers to muscles, nerves, their function and position. Everything about the blood. interactive, illustrutive explanations of how immune systems work. All aspects of the heart, class room activities, related images. The University of California's museum of paleontology site has a treasure of exhibits and related websites, many of which provide lesson plans, resources and advice for secondary school teachers. Brilliant! See also and


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