Tourist’s Blunders Jokes


Valentina Tenedini

Holiday is a typical subject for conversation, when school resumes and it gives us, EFL teachers, the opportunity to teach our classes language and expressions which will come in handy when our pupils travel.

I often entertain my students with the blunders we foreigners may make, so here you have a few examples.

To be continued - Enjoy!


An Italian abroad #1

An Italian tourist is in a Us steak house

Can I take your order? – the waiter asks

Yes, please, I’ll have a steak - as the waiter is about to leave the Italian adds, ‘and please, well cooked!’

-We always cook well, man! The waiter replies, while the Italian wonders what he said wrong…


An Italian abroad # 2

An Italian tourist is in a British restaurant

-Can I take your order? – the waiter asks

-Yes, please, I’ll have a bloody steak.

-Ehr, maybe you mean rare, sir?

-Oh, no, no, an ordinary steak will do. I can’t afford much more, you see…


An Italian abroad #3

An Italian tourist is in London, he feels tired after a long day sightseeing, he is hungry and homesick, so he stops a man in the street and asks him:

“Excuse me sir, where is the best Italian restaurant?”

“Her, …In Italy, of course!!”


An Italian abroad #4

An Italian tourist is in Britain to study English; he has made some friends and one of them, who is planning his holiday in Italy, is asking the Italian for some tips on places to visit, accommodation etc. finally he asks:

“And what’s the best Italian restaurant?”

“My home! Good quality, cheap and no reservations required!”



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