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December 10 - The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

ico_contributilogo_trasparenteGiovanna Zanchi

Questa attività davvero stimolante per gli studenti propone una riflessione sui diritti umani attraverso l'analisi della dichiarazione delle Nazioni Unite e di un breve cortometraggio.

È particolarmente indicata nella ricorrenza del 10 dicembre, giorno della celebrazione annuale; il materiale propone anche una preziosa lista di links da poter utilizzare per permettere agli studenti di sviluppare ulteriormente la riflessione su questo tema.

Lesson Plan

Class: 4th / 5th year students

  • Level: upper-intermediate / advanced
  • School: Liceo Classico bilingue


Prerequisites: Students should know / be informed about the annual celebration of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (December 10th): Why does it matter?

Lecture organisation:

  • Time: 2 x 50 mins.
  • No additional tools needed beyond powerpoint + video
  1. PRESENTATION: elicit from Ss what they know about “Human Rights” and UDHR;
  2. PPP: presentation of the Declaration of 1948 (30 articles or a selection), pointing out key word and key concepts (students may be asked to read the articles aloud, in turn)
  3. Ask each student to choose one article he/she considers to be crucial and to discuss his/her own choice; does this particular article remind us of any event/issue/emergency we have read or heard of recently? 
  4. Outline of activity “Human Rights and Identity” 
  5. Video (3 mins) Impasse by Bram Schouw (; ART FOR LIFE Project on youtube);
  6. SLIDES presenting the activities related to the video;
  7. Pair work and class discussion;
  8. possible follow up activities (to be set as homework):
  • Write a film review (summary + comment)
  • Discuss the historical relevance of the UDHR
  • Comment the article(s) of the UDHR that you consider to be particularly important
  • Search the Internet (selected sites) and prepare your own Power Point Presentation /Video to introduce the UDHR to younger students (in English)

  • Text to be read in class: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Works cited / further readings: see links to other sites/projects on UDHR + Art for Life Project
    • become aware of the historical and social importance of the UDHR
    • become aware of stereotypes and everyday behaviours regarding “identity” and “diversity” in a multicultural society
    • explore the connections and contributions of Art to humanitarian projects and social issues
    • find out the main features and objectives of the UNHCR (The United Nations Refugee Agency) and its role in dealing with current emergencies worldwide (e.g. Lampedusa)


  • Attachments:
    Download this file (Human Rights_Zanchi_lesson plan.pdf)Human Rights Declaration_lesson plan_G_Zanchi[Scarica il lesson plan in formato .pdf]31 kB
    Download this file (Universal Declaration of Human Rights_g_zanchi.ppt)Universal Declaration of Human Rights_G_Zanchi[Scarica le slides del contributo in formato .ppt]518 kB

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