Activity_The Lazy Song

icona_contributilogo_trasparenteChantal Morosso

Questa divertente attività è strutturata per essere realizzata in classe con l'ausilio di un supporto audio e di Internet. Utilizza, difatti, il sito Lyrics Training per un insieme di esercizi di listening comprehension e vocabulary expansion.

Lesson plan


  • 1-3th year students
  • elementary to intermediate level



  • no specific prerequisites required


Lecture organisation:

  • 50 mins. lesson + 1 extra lesson + follow-up Listening activity + post listening work on language + group work on translation


Teaching strategies and tools:

  • Use of the Internet (youtube) to listen to the song and to watch the video for visual aids and better understanding of the lyrics
  • Use of the papers with the fill-in the blanks activity
  • Play and learn with the lyrics using as a final check-out or follow-up to retain new lexis and slang
  • Use the monolingual dictionary and work in groups to translate and understand the song together



  • Thanks to music, students will learn new expressions and modern lexis having fun
  • Thanks to the repetition of the tune and the visual reinforcement offered by the video they should remember all the new words and verbs more easily.
  • Grammar topics can be easily revised or introduced by the song itself: any/no/some, prepositions, future tenses…
  • • Effective use of the dictionary and practice on English synonyms and definitions and their translation
  • • Preparation of a further activity on music/lyrics to be done at home by the students and then discussed together in an interview (see attachment with a model of paper to be given and completed)
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